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3. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Procedure – Next, the person cleanses his body of drug residues and other toxic substances through a regimen of exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements as described in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind">Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard. Drug residues remain locked in the fatty tissues of the body and can be released into the bloodstream years after the person has stopped taking drugs, thus rekindling old cravings for drugs. This step purges the body of these residues and other toxins.

4. Narconon’s Learning Improvement Course – Here, the individual gains the ability to study and retain knowledge, along with the ability to recognize and overcome the barriers to study. He can now proceed with further educational steps to prepare him to lead a productive and ethical life.

5. Narconon Communication and Perception Course – On this step, the individual repeats the TRs, plus additional exercises which get him into full communication with others and his environment. The exercises pull the person’s attention off himself, where it has been fixed by drugs, and out to the world around him. He also helps another person on the course do the exercises, which not only gives him increased responsibility, but a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction because of this newly gained ability to help others.

6. Narconon’s Ups and Downs in Life Course – Now the individual gains the knowledge to spot and handle those influences in his environment that would cause him to lose any gains he has made. He learns the characteristics of the antisocial personality and the social personality so he can recognize the two, spot the differences between them and better choose his friends and associates. Completing this course makes a person less susceptible to those who would influence a reversion to drugs.


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