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7. Narconon’s Personal Values and Integrity Course – Here the individual gains the data he needs to improve his survival potential. The course teaches him about the eight dynamics, ethics, honesty and integrity, showing him how to correct antisocial behavior by ridding himself of the effects of past harmful deeds.

8. The Narconon Changing Conditions in Life Course – This course covers the ethics technology of L. Ron Hubbard and shows the individual exactly how to apply it to improve conditions in his life, something he needs if he is to reassert his self-determinism.

9. Narconon’s “The Way to Happiness” Course – Based on a nonsectarian moral code called The Way to Happiness, this course gives the individual a guide to living a life where real happiness is attainable.

This comprehensive program addresses and handles the reason why the individual started using drugs in the first place and arms him with the knowledge and certainty he needs to lead a happy, drug-free life. Vocational training programs are also available to develop needed job skills so graduates can better support themselves.


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