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Among the thousands who have been salvaged by Narconon are once hard-core heroin addicts at this Mexican prison.

In a field loaded with drug programs that substitute addictions with yet more drugs, L. Ron Hubbard developed exact techniques to deal with the physical and mental damage brought about by substance abuse. None of these techniques involve the use of methadone or any other substitute drug.

The Narconon program today consists of a series of exercises, drills and study steps done in a precise sequence. The techniques and learning programs help the individual withdraw from current drug use, get into communication with others and the environment, remove the residual drugs from his body, gain control of himself and his environment and reach the point where he can take responsibility not only for himself, but also for others. The Narconon program consists of the following:

1. Drug-Free Withdrawal – The first step of the Narconon program helps the individual cease current drug use rapidly and with minimal discomfort through proper nutrition, vitamins and care from experienced Narconon staff. Various assists help the person come off the drugs with minimal discomfort.

2. The Narconon Therapeutic TR Course – Once withdrawal is complete, a series of communication drills (called training routines, or “TRs”) are used to extrovert the person and raise his ability to confront his life – that is, to comfortably face others and situations in his environment. Each TR increases the person’s ability to face life and communicate with others.


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