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The offices of WISE International, located in Los Angeles.


WISE members share a keen interest in L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative technology, and through WISE they are able to reach others who share that interest and discuss projects and matters of mutual concern. WISE holds regular conventions and seminars during which members can get together and learn new methods of applying in their own businesses or professions the principles and techniques of organizational administration that Mr. Hubbard discovered. WISE also distributes newsletters and other publications to its members to keep them informed about current news and upcoming events involving subjects as diverse as management by conditions, personnel and ethics in business.

But WISE provides its members with other benefits as well, including several that have had a beneficial impact on the business community in general. For example, while many WISE members employ the administrative principles solely within their own business or profession, some study Mr. Hubbard’s administrative breakthroughs and want to show others how they too can benefit from this technology. To do so, they must be licensed by WISE so they can use Mr. Hubbard’s name and the other words and symbols associated with his administrative technology.

WISE’s licensing function is critically important for ensuring the integrity of these trade and service marks. By licensing only qualified individuals and organizations, WISE helps safeguard against offbeat activities or the publication of altered versions held out to be Mr. Hubbard’s true technology. Because of WISE’s oversight, the business community can be more assured of both the competence and high ethical standing of anyone offering business services under these marks. They know, for example, that any WISE-licensed consultant has completed a course of study in administrative technology and is skilled in helping others apply it.


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