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WISE was formed in 1979 as a religious fellowship organization of businesspersons and professionals in numerous fields who share a common certainty of the value of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative technology.

Their tools, available in many bookstores and public libraries, are the twelve encyclopedia-sized volumes comprising the Organization Executive Course (OEC) and Management Series volumes. This body of work addresses the subject of life in a group with the same thoroughness and attention to fundamental truths as Mr. Hubbard’s writings on Scientology address the life of an individual. Thus, just as Dianetics and Scientology opened the way to an understanding of the mind and the spirit, the volumes of the OEC lead to an understanding of just what comprises a successful group. Be it a local civic group or the largest government agency, with the principles contained in the OEC, one can turn any group into a productive, smooth-running and expanding concern.

These volumes contain practical knowledge in all areas of organizational administration, structure and management. With their principles, one can solve problems ranging from the hiring of a secretary to the implementation of multinational corporate plans. Similarly, by employing the principles contained in the organizing board (see Chapter 20) Mr. Hubbard developed, one can remarkably streamline all aspects of operation and make it productive. The fundamentals of the organizing board apply equally well to a business of either ten or ten thousand; in fact, with the application of the data in even a single volume, any group or personal activity can be immediately bettered.

Simply put, this technology encompasses the basic laws needed to succeed in any endeavor in any zone of application. No wonder then that individuals regularly use this technology not only in their careers but also their personal lives. With such knowledge so readily available, it was only natural that businessmen and professionals would begin implementing these discoveries to better relationships within their fields of practice and with their friends and families. Today, this technology is utilized with excellent results by tens of thousands of individuals, groups and organizations. Its use results in increased survival and well-being, allowing any group to flourish and prosper.


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