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A membership card for WISE International.

WISE itself does no consulting. But individual WISE members who are professional consultants can produce spectacular results when called to help. They have rightly earned a reputation for their ability to resolve situations that others, lacking their know-how, have been unable to crack. For the technology they have at their fingertips can correct even the most difficult organizational problems.

Another benefit WISE provides its members arises through its issue authority function. This authorizes educators, consultants, businesses and other organizations to publish (or “issue”) training material containing Mr. Hubbard’s copyrighted works. Many WISE members want to publish passages from Mr. Hubbard’s writings and recorded lectures on organizational administration in materials they use in training their own personnel or personnel of other companies, or in providing business management consulting services. These members will incorporate Mr. Hubbard’s quotations in textbooks and other materials that they specially adapt to businesses or specific industries. WISE serves as the central authority which permits such use and – of equal importance – ensures that the material as published is consistent with Mr. Hubbard’s writings.


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