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Psychiatrists – the Men Behind Hitler

The culmination of more than twenty years of research by CCHR, this extensively documented book reveals the real scourge behind Hitler’s Nazi regime – those responsible for both his indoctrination and inspiration – psychiatrists. It divulges what most historical texts have missed, that the plans for genocide were laid long before Hitler came to power. Psychiatry had planned the extermination of what it termed “life devoid of value” in the 1920s and, in fact, psychiatrists managed to engineer the murder of some 300,000 mental patients long before the war even began.

The book continues to meet critical acclaim. As one international religious leader said, “[It] is one of the most significant books and the most valuable reference tools in some of the very current issues posed by the continuation of the philosophy and physical patient abuses from this profession that constitutes a continuing threat to free men.”


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