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Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal

This authoritative book uses psychiatry’s own studies and opinions and utterances to show its destructive impact on society. Researched in fine detail, this comprehensive text provides readers with a profound understanding of how psychiatry’s influence increased in spite of its lack of results, and how detrimental it has been for our homes, our schools, our courts and virtually every sector of our civilization.

Distributed to police chiefs, judges, attorneys, governors, ministers, educators, civil rights organizations, mayors, libraries, medical professionals and others, this popular work has significantly increased CCHR’s role on the world stage of human rights leadership.

In the words of one grateful reader, a Chief of Police, “The book takes the reader inside the closed community of psychiatry, leaving it open to full inspection . . . This is not light reading. It will dismay, shock and anger all at once.”

While many readers were indeed shocked and angered by the revelations, they turned the last page with a new understanding of psychiatry’s negative influence on all our institutions and found themselves armed with the knowledge required to reverse the tide of irresponsibility that threatens our culture’s survival.


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