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While psychiatry claims humanitarian motives, its true harmful effects are exposed in a number of CCHR publications.


By 1998, CCHR International had distributed more than 3.9 million copies worldwide of its now celebrated booklets exposing psychiatric human rights abuses committed in the guise of help – nine publications in numerous languages, distributed in sixteen countries.

Serving to both enlighten and warn the public, the booklets cover the ruinous effects of psychiatric intrusion into different areas of society. The nine publications listed here were the first of an ongoing series covering all facets of psychiatry’s activities:

Creating Racism: Psychiatry’s Betrayal

Destroying Lives: Psychiatry – Education’s Ruin

Creating Crime: Psychiatry ­Eradicating Justice

Denying Respect: Psychiatry – Victimizing the Elderly

Creating Chaos: Psychiatry ­Destroying Morals

Betraying Women: Psychiatric Rape

Creating Evil: Psychiatry ­Destroying Religion

Inflicting Pain: Psychiatry – Destroys Minds

Harming Artists: Psychiatry ­Manipulating Creativity


More Social Reform Activities

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