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CCHR Publications

In more than twenty-five years of persistent and dedicated assault on the entrenched authority and abuses of psychiatry in the field of mental health, the major challenge confronting CCHR in its mission has not been psychiatry itself, but the lack of accurate information available to the public.

Consequently, in 1994, CCHR International embarked on its largest-ever public awareness campaign. Within three years, in addition to creating its own Web site on the Internet, it had researched, produced and released for international distribution two books and nine penetrating booklets which disclose the true story of psychiatry’s influence upon our society. CCHR has since been inundated with positive responses from many countries and has expanded rapidly to meet the burgeoning needs of the world community for information by publishing even more of the booklets. The initial releases, which were published and distributed with help in the form of grants from the International Association of Scientologists, are described below.


More Social Reform Activities

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