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The widespread industry abuses discovered by CCHR and other investigators include sending patients back into the street as soon as insurance ran out after the thirty days most companies were willing to pay for inpatient care; paying social workers, school counselors, crisis hot-line workers and even ministers to refer patients; abusing children with violent therapy; diagnosing without sufficient detail; and multiple unnecessary treatments. Preying on the young and/or helpless is a common theme.

Fraud, however, wears as many faces as its participants can dream up schemes. In 1989 CCHR uncovered and exposed documents to show that two psychiatric facilities in Los Angeles that had been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funding, did not even exist – except on paper.

Whether involving fraud, physical and mental abuse, unethical behavior or the destruction of our children with drugs, CCHR’s tireless work against psychiatric wrongdoing has been lauded by law enforcement, politicians, human rights groups and those victims who had been unable to stand alone against these brutal practices.

Psychiatry too has recognized CCHR’s work, although not necessarily with such admiration. In fact, with CCHR’s revelations in South Africa, Australia, the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Switzerland and other countries, psychiatry had no choice but to realize that in Scientology it faced its worst enemy.


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