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Parishioners in these congregations have usually started their first steps on the Bridge at area Scientology missions or through field auditor services. And, in fact, Class V churches provide technical assistance to the executives and staff of area Scientology missions, as well as local field auditors and groups.

As Class V churches also work to make Dianetics and Scientology broadly known in their communities, many of these churches establish smaller offices in nearby areas and towns to provide introductory services. Similarly, these churches assist Scientologists to establish groups and missions, thus meeting the increasing grass-roots demand for L. Ron Hubbard’s technology.

Scientologists gather at their local Scientology churches for marriages, funerals, naming ceremonies and ordinations of ministers to mark important points in the lives of the congregation. There are also weekly Sunday services at which a Scientology minister or other speaker addresses the congregation concerning some aspect of Scientology religious doctrine. At these services attendees also learn of upcoming events, recent news and specific Church of Scientology community actions.


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