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Churches of Scientology hold congregational gatherings on Friday nights during which members of the church come together to share their recent accomplishments in the religion. Such gatherings are festive and lively affairs, often including a performance by a musical group of church members, or people telling of their latest community project. Parishioners also gather periodically at their church to listen to recorded lectures by L. Ron Hubbard.

But the highest points on the Scientology calendar are the Church celebrations of Scientology holidays, such as the annual L. Ron Hubbard birthday event or the Auditor’s Day celebration. Broadcast live (or in some instances prerecorded) from the main centers of Scientology such as Clearwater, Florida; Los Angeles, California; or Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England, these celebrations feature current news about the religion in general and specific accomplishments at churches throughout the world, presented by prominent ecclesiastical leaders. Even visitors often comment on the professional presentation of these gatherings – and their high emotional and artistic impact. More importantly, these events serve to strengthen the sense of community and the common spiritual purpose of Church members.

Class V churches not only provide a vital focal point for Scientology in their areas, but at this stage on the Bridge, a Scientologist stands on the threshold of new spiritual discoveries unlike any other. These churches provide a safe and stable place for all the Scientology activities in an area to help parishioners move up the Bridge to Total Freedom.


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