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What is most distinctive about these Scientology churches is that each is a technical hub as well. Here a young woman who wants to learn the exact technology that will help her resolve a difficult relationship sits next to a grandmother who is studying so she can help her grandchildren do better in life. And at the next table there may be a teenager who wants to learn auditing so he can help others. These parishioners are all intent on learning to apply L. Ron Hubbard’s technology and achieving the spiritual results that technology delivers. Skillful Case Supervisors help them progress through the auditing levels of the Scientology Grades and New Era Dianetics (see Chapter 13) and guide them as they receive training through Class V Graduate Auditor level (see Chapter 14). For this reason, these churches are known to Scientologists as Class V organizations.

“My church is like no other place I have ever been,” said a parishioner of a Scientology church in a large city. “I am cared for there, in the most valuable way possible – I learn about myself as a spiritual being, and then how to use that when I go out the doors of the church into my daily life. My auditing and training address the most important aspects of my life, and I love going into my church.”

At a Class V church one finds parishioners of all walks of life actively moving up the Bridge. Here a Scientologist takes his first steps toward the states of Clear and Operating Thetan (OT). He usually takes courses, whether attending on a schedule at night and on weekends while he works, or arranges his life so he can study full time during the day.


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