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With the basic definitions of ethics, good and evil in place, and the basic necessity for ethical conduct established, Mr. Hubbard proceeded to develop a means of allowing one to gradiently raise his ethics level and so increase survival in any area of his life. It is a system of betterment unlike any other, and contains nothing of the “Go-and-sin-no-more” approach that many find so difficult to follow. Rather, it is predicated on the idea that there are degrees of ethical conduct, that things may be surviving more or less well, but can still be greatly improved. Hence, Mr. Hubbard set out to delineate the various ethical states or conditions which constitute the degree of success or survival of something, and precisely how to better that condition of survival.

These conditions are not static states, but either improve or worsen, depending upon one’s actions. Indeed, it is a fact that nothing remains exactly the same forever, for such a condition is foreign to life and the universe. Things grow or they lessen. They cannot apparently maintain the same equilibrium or stability. Everything in existence is in one condition or another. A person is in some condition personally, his job is in a condition, his marriage is in a condition and so on.

Mr. Hubbard isolated and described these states, then determined what it would actually take to move from any given condition to a higher one. In all, Mr. Hubbard delineates twelve separate conditions. They range from a state of complete confusion where an individual is in no position to produce any product to a condition of stable power wherein very little if anything can imperil his position. Along the way to power, he will pass through such other conditions as normal operation wherein he is gradually taking on more control, producing more and more, but has still not achieved permanent stability. As he continues to properly apply himself, he will eventually move into a condition of affluence – an abundance of those things which enhance his life. Or, failing to take proper steps, may sink into a state of emergency.


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