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Like every fundamental truth in Scientology, the conditions encompass the whole of life. They represent descriptions of actual laws that apply to everything from the growth of trees to the running of an automobile to the raising of a child. Yet discovering these conditions of existence was not all Mr. Hubbard accomplished; he also discovered the exact actions or steps anyone under any circumstances can take to better any condition of existence.

Those steps to improving conditions are aptly called formulas. They are precisely laid out for each condition, and only by following the specific formula for the condition in which one finds oneself can an individual move on to the next higher condition.

To take a very common example, consider the subject of personal relationships between a man and a woman. Obviously, when a couple first begins dating, however strong the attraction, they are not in the same condition as a married couple. Likewise, the marriage beset with strife owing to adultery is not surviving well – and is thus in a lower condition than the entirely harmonious marriage. Yet regardless of how poorly a marriage may be surviving, how bitter the arguments, how seemingly unresolvable the strife, there are – always – steps one can do to better the condition of that marriage. And by continuing to apply those steps, ascending through successively better conditions, one can, with remarkable certainty, always improve that marriage.


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