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The same conditions and their formulas can be used to better anything, from personal happiness to the performance of a high-school athletic team to the performance of a multinational corporation. If, to take another example, an employee suddenly finds himself demoted to a lower position in his company, there are precise ways and means by which he can climb back up the corporate ladder. Similarly, if the employee suddenly finds himself promoted to a higher position with a substantial pay increase, a precise application of the Scientology ethics conditions will keep him from falling into the trap of suddenly spending more than he makes or assuming that he is now forever blessed in the eyes of his boss.

The important point to recognize here is that the Scientology conditions formulas are not arbitrary. Yes, they serve to raise a Scientologist’s ethics level and so speed his progress on the Bridge. But they also can raise the ethics level, and thus the survival, of anyone in any circumstance; for the conditions describe what governs all existence, and if followed, they do lead to improvement. Conversely, if these conditions are not followed, the individual, his career, his relationships or even his possessions will deteriorate to the next lower condition.

Scientologists use these conditions formulas to handle personal situations, family activities, successes and failures on the job and relationships with other people. The conditions formulas can be applied to any situation on any dynamic. They are the tools by which one makes changes in his life and the world around him.

Because the conditions formulas follow natural laws that embrace all life’s endeavors, they naturally open the door to increased survival on any dynamic and in any course of action. Moreover, the conditions formulas are quickly learned, easily applied and can immediately set one on the road to happiness, success and well-being.


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