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Having thus defined what is good, evil then becomes the opposite of good, and constitutes anything which is destructive more than it is constructive along the dynamics. A thing which does more destruction than construction is evil from the viewpoint of the individual, the future race, group, species, life or physical universe matter that it destroys.

In summation, then, an act or conclusion is as right as it promotes survival across the dynamics and to be entirely right would be to survive to infinity. Conversely, an act or conclusion is wrong to the degree that it is nonsurvival across the dynamics, injuring more than it aids.

With a firm understanding of these definitions, the Scientologist is well equipped to rationally determine the course of his actions.

The logic behind maintaining high ethical standards is simple. Although modern conceptions of ethics have become hopelessly convoluted with common conflict of interest and gray areas of choice, it cannot be forgotten that greater survival for both individuals and groups comes through abiding by these agreements. Hence, the Scientologist is lawful with regards to his country, fair in his dealings with others and faithful in his relationships. He knows that because every individual is essentially good, he has an innately acute sense of what is ethical and what is not. Thus, when one violates one’s personal sense of ethics, he soon loses self-respect and begins to deteriorate from that point forward.


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