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Level III – Class III Auditor

(Hubbard Professional Auditor)

Chained to the upsets of his past, man is unable to face the future. A Level III Auditor possesses the technology to free a preclear from deep-seated emotional turmoil that robs him of his ability to positively change conditions in life.

In Level III you discover the mechanisms behind personal upheavals and how to alleviate the harmful aftereffects. You learn to minister auditing services that achieve an exact result and become skilled in achieving that result in the smallest amount of time. Your practical training includes more advanced use of the E-Meter in session and more skilled auditing techniques that guide a preclear rapidly to areas that should be addressed, without a moment lost on wide excursions.

Upon completing this level you will have certainty of how to bring another freedom from the upsets of the past, a higher level of ARC in life and a greater ability to face the future and experience change without becoming upset.


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