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Level IV – Class IV Auditor

(Hubbard Advanced Auditor)

This Academy Level gives you the skills needed to handle the service facsimile: that computation (a consideration that one must be consistently in a certain state in order to survive) generated by the preclear to make himself right and others wrong. It is this exact mechanism that traps a spiritual being and limits his ability.

By learning each of the Expanded Grade IV processes, you gain a full grasp of the technology of service facsimile handling and become fully capable of assisting another to face his life without the impulse to justify his actions, defend himself against others, make others wrong, or demand their sympathy. A Class IV Auditor is able to bring an individual to a level where his ability to accept and create new ideas is fully restored, and he can do new things and achieve his goals in life.

An Academy-trained Scientologist is someone with special knowledge in the handling of life. The better trained he is, the less mystery life holds for him. The emphasis of all Scientology training is on a flawless ability to do auditing, and a command of the theory and goals of Scientology. Thus, the Academy-trained Scientologist is able to do Scientology. You not only learn to help preclears by auditing them with excellent auditing results, but while helping others deal with their lives, you better handle your own.


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