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Level II – Class II Auditor

(Hubbard Certified Auditor)

It is an oft-proven fact that auditor training will help anyone become more himself and, in that respect, increase his personal well-being. This is profoundly the case on Academy Level II, which focuses on the full ramifications of harmful acts and how to undo the exact mechanism that drives an individual down to degraded states.

On this service, you become expert in processes that guide the preclear to overt acts (harmful acts or omissions) and withholds (those areas of his life he is restraining and withholding himself from), enabling him to be free of these restraints.

When man’s level of awareness rises, he becomes more able to predict – and see the consequences to himself and others of evil actions. Academy Level II teaches how to raise another’s awareness and rehabilitate his basic goodness.

The Level II-trained Auditor can expertly help anyone not only look at what is restraining him but act on it. You have the tools to end the hostilities and sufferings in anyone’s life and to bring them to a state of existence marked by a return of their personal integrity, self-determinism, trustworthiness and honesty.


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