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The first part consists of basic E-Meter theory, followed by practical drills – each designed to give a grasp of how the meter is used in auditing.

Having gained a thorough familiarity with the meter, you then move to advanced metering theory and its full use in auditing.

No matter your unfamiliarity with the E-Meter at the outset, you can gain a complete understanding of what it is, how it works and the spiritual benefit one can accomplish through its use. Upon completion of the service you will fully understand and expertly operate the E-Meter and inspire confidence in the preclear.

As is the case in TR courses and at every level of auditor training, L. Ron Hubbard’s Technical Training Films are an integral part of flawless metering. These films exist to clarify each component of the E-Meter and to set a performance standard by which you can learn exactly how to operate the E-Meter and master its precise use in auditing.


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