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Hubbard Professional Metering Course

Another factor crucial to the workability of Dianetics and Scientology technology is an operational understanding of the E-Meter: how to use it to accurately detect and systematically handle the barriers that keep people from being happy and spiritually free.

The E-Meter gives man his first keen look into the heads and hearts of his fellows. It detects things that otherwise would have been hidden from man forever. Simply stated, without precision use of the E-Meter, bringing others to the highest spiritual states is impossible.

The fact is, the E-Meter requires considerable knowledge and skill to use it to its full potential. However, as the art of using an E-Meter does not depend upon a knowledge of electronics, but of mental image pictures, a Scientologist can quickly acquire professional metering skills within a matter of weeks.

Gaining such a grasp of the E-Meter and its use first entails an understanding of the theory of both how the E-Meter works and its purpose in a session. Through this study, the auditor can correlate the meter’s reactions to what is happening in the mind of the preclear in front of him in a session.

The course, therefore, has two parts.


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