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This is so novel an outlook man at large has never thought of it before. That he personally and in this lifetime could become something far higher and better than a man is brand-new to him. He has heard of dying and his soul going to heaven or hell, and he has variously regarded the prospect as good or boring or terrifying.

Some savants amongst the Himalayas have worked in this direction. Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) spoke of it. Fifteen or twenty years of hard work were said to result in a nebulous conclusion.

With Scientology, there are no such uncertainties. These higher states can be attained through auditing.

These states are the whole of the horizon and attainment of Scientology. Rather than seeking to make the insane sane, Scientology is seeking to make a man into a higher being.

As one progresses through his first steps in auditing, he can be freed not only of the effects of drugs but of any “need” to take them. When he then does his Scientology Grades, he can become a being who can truly communicate – a higher being who can make new worlds. He frees himself from the hostilities and sufferings of life – and more. As he moves upward, he can become truly well and happy, free of maladies and disabilities rooted in his reactive mind. And, progressing yet further, he can then attain states never before described in man’s literature, much less attained: Clear and beyond.


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