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Scientology could be defined as a road to truth. The progressive auditing grades are, in reality, those barriers, in order, which keep a person from going forward to an ultimate truth. There are no other barriers to moving up to higher states than those addressed and resolved at each of the levels of the Grade Chart. And as he achieves higher levels, he moves closer to that transcendent truth.

L. Ron Hubbard developed many different auditing processes during his research. He arranged these in a sequence that enables an individual to achieve greater awareness and with this, higher states of existence leading to, finally, a recognition of his own immortal nature.

This road is known as the Grade Chart.

There are many auditing services available, and given that Scientology addresses all aspects of life, it is not surprising that there are many services which focus on one or more particular factors which may frustrate one's survival. Yet all of those factors are ultimately alleviated and resolved through following the Grade Chart. Mr. Hubbard described it as “the main program,” senior to all other auditing concerns. In fact, all other auditing actions are designed to get a person back onto the Grade Chart or moving more swiftly along it.

The chart is the swiftest and surest path to higher states, and the only certain road to total freedom. What follows is a description, in sequence, of the auditing services which comprise that chart. It is the path everyone must take.


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