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Essentially, what this course does is it gets the person totally oriented to his main product in life, how this fits in with the rest of his dynamics, and brings him to clearly view what he needs to do to viably produce it. This is a major advance because it results in someone who is causative, competent and productive.

With this ability gained, the individual has truly straightened out his life. He sees clearly where he is headed, and is armed with the tools to make sure he arrives at the somewhere he always wanted to be. Rather than be blown here and there by the winds of chance, he gets his life in clear perspective and under control, with a certainty on the laws of life, knowing exactly, at every step of the way, what he is doing to forward his own true purposes.

On the Life Orientation Course, purpose, morale, spiritual fulfillment and happiness are in the offing.

A frank assessment of the lives of other people usually reveals that many are not leading the lives they would like, but rather the life they think it “has to be” for one reason or another. L. Ron Hubbard developed the Life Orientation Course to help people better understand where they are going in life and to help them make their lives more fulfilling. He has provided a route into the very activity of living itself. It is the gateway to a life of purpose, morality, spiritual freedom and happiness.


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