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Finally, to provide a view of the many remaining elements involved in this course, there is the matter of products. The fact is, to survive well the different activities of an individual’s life must each result in something of real use and value. A person who has no valid purpose in life or in what he does or who produces nothing of value will be miserable. A specific product should result from activity in each part of his life.

His profession, for instance, results in a product which furthers his survival. A person produces something or provides some service for which he is given money on which to live. The establishment and maintenance of his living quarters results in a completely different product, but one which also helps promote a different aspect of his survival. A comfortable, clean home is a pleasant place in which to live, certainly a valuable product in itself. Likewise, each activity in a person’s life has a product, and these either aid or inhibit his success and survival depending on how good they are.

Unfortunately, many people are not sure exactly what product they create in their everyday jobs, let alone in every activity of their lives. But on this course they gain an understanding of every product they have or should have to make each activity they are involved in rewarding and fulfilling.


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