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By “machine” is meant a system or organization for doing or making something. It is something which makes or does things and when given an impetus, it continues a sequence of action.

A philosophic machine, then, would be something you would draw up which gave some data which you could then combine with some other data and get some sort of answer.

The organizing board is a philosophic machine that can be used to analyze one’s entire existence.

On the Life Orientation Course the student analyzes every aspect of his life against the twenty-one departments, discovers what is missing or incomplete and otherwise less than functional and optimum but also what they are doing successfully. In other words, the student divides every activity of his life into these twenty-one compartments, and then examines each activity to see what he is doing or not doing in that area.

By examining his life in this manner, nothing he does escapes his scrutiny. And because these departments contain all the actions that are vital for anyone to operate at a high level, he also sees what he is not doing and should be doing in order to succeed. Essentially, then, on this course the student gains an entirely new view of the organizing board as a tool for life, one that he can apply long after he has graduated to better his existence.


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