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Then there are the conditions of existence, as described in Chapter 17, a vital tool that is fully utilized in the Life Orientation Course. Everything and everyone is in some condition at any given moment, be it low or high. Mr. Hubbard examined this fact and delineated twelve conditions which encompass every possible state a person, thing or activity can be in. These are not arbitrary opinions but laws of life that can be verified by anyone through observation. These conditions range from utter confusion in which a person is useless and unable to produce anything, to one of power where he is functioning at a very high level indeed – with steps in between. Along with this, Mr. Hubbard also developed a series of steps or formulas for each condition. When these are diligently followed, the individual can move upwards, a step at a time, to new heights. Utilizing these conditions the Life Orientation student can improve his life on all dynamics treating every aspect of his existence more thoroughly than he has ever imagined possible.

Yet another tool, and one used in a way unique to this course, is the organizing board. Developed by Mr. Hubbard to aid and organize Church administration, the organizing board is more than it appears to be at first glance. With its seven divisions, twenty-one departments and their units, and the awareness levels which correspond to each department, what we have here is not just some kind of flow chart or method to signify the “posts” in an organization but what is actually a “philosophical machine.”

To explain further: Philosophy, of course, in its original and widest sense is the love, study and pursuit of wisdom, or of knowledge of things and their causes, whether theoretical or practical. In actual usage, it is the science which investigates the most general facts and principles of reality and of human nature and conduct.


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