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For example, as noted in Chapter 4, life can be compartmentalized into eight urges or aspects and man's survival depends upon his participation in all eight of these dynamics and, thus, how his activities align with them. On this course, the individual undertakes a searching study of the eight dynamics. Yet, unlike previous attempts he might have made in this direction, on this course a special auditing process provides an emphasis on his personal involvement on each dynamic, enabling him to even more closely inspect them and thus gain a view of all life with crystalline clarity.

Now, from a vantage point better than he has ever occupied, he can view his life, his dynamics, his influence over these dynamics, his decisions along these lines and how these have contributed to where he finds himself. Study alone could not bring about this awareness; the auditing is necessary.

With this sufficiently broad view, he can begin to distinguish those actions promoting increased survival from those actions which are nonsurvival. This entails more auditing, developed by Mr. Hubbard especially for the Life Orientation Course, and results in a firm subjective understanding of what happens in life if the dynamics go out of alignment.


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