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Contrary to popular belief, however, competence is not necessarily something one is born with; it is a quality one develops. Most people depend upon “experience,” but experience is a fickle teacher – not one we can always depend upon. It would be better if there were dependable tools, workable principles and procedures that have been verified in the crucible of life itself. Fortunately, the tools that can lead one to competence do exist. They can be found in L. Ron Hubbard’s Life Orientation Course. In fact, as the course name implies, these are the tools one can use to get one’s bearing in life and harmoniously align all the factors of this vast mosaic so that they are no longer confusing or overwhelming.

As mentioned, there are many parts to anyone’s life: ambitions, friends and associates, a job and social involvements. There are obligations to fulfill, assets to protect, people to look after, a future to make, and more. The elements that make up a complete life, anyone’s life, are myriad. And when one factor is missing or life is overbalanced in favor of another factor to the neglect of still others the consequences can be disheartening, if not disastrous.

The Hubbard Life Orientation Course helps an individual become able to sort out every single area of his life, thus pointing all his activities towards the same end and aligning all his dynamics. The tools used to accomplish this remarkable achievement are varied and many. Some, used by themselves, have brought life-changing results. Yet when combined on the Life Orientation Course (together with other tools and procedures that are found nowhere else in Scientology) their power to help an individual bring about profound change in every aspect of his life is unprecedented.


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