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Regular nutrition in the form of mega-vitamin and mineral dosages and extra quantities of oil are a vital factor in helping the body to flush out toxins and to repair and rebuild the areas that have been affected by drugs and other toxic residuals.

A proper schedule with enough rest is mandatory, as the body will be undergoing change and repair throughout the program.

Not surprisingly, such results generated interest from prominent medical and biochemical authorities. In study after study, Mr. Hubbard’s research has been validated by official reports. For example, after conducting his own independent study, a US Environmental Protection Agency doctor concluded that dangerous environmental toxins, which had lodged in the body for two years, could be flushed out by doing the Purification program.

Among numerous recent correlative studies, one that bears significant mention was conducted in 1995 by Dr. Forest Tennant, executive director of the Research Center for Chronic Pain and Dependency Disorders, and Dr. Shelley Beckmann, a molecular biologist. Monitoring the rehabilitation of cocaine and Valium addicts using Mr. Hubbard’s technology, they found that the detoxification procedure resulted in previously undetectable drugs appearing in both the urine and in the sweat of former drug users. In other words, these residual drugs were dislodged as a result of the program and eliminated once and for all, freeing the individual from their harmful effects.

The deadly chemical dioxin, Agent Orange, was used to defoliate trees during the Vietnam War. Exposure to the chemical resulted in dioxin poisoning of American servicemen. Years later no effective handling had been developed. Then a Florida cardiologist conducting tests on a person who had been exposed to the chemical but who had done the Purification program, found that his patient’s level of the chemical had reduced by 29 percent immediately after the program and an astounding 97 percent eight months later – and that all symptoms of dioxin poisoning had disappeared.


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