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These books cover in detail the technology and exact procedures of the Purification program, including a full textbook, an illustrated booklet and a manual to guide one’s progress step by step through the program.

At an early phase of his research into drug addiction and rehabilitation, Mr. Hubbard predicted that his program might also reduce body accumulations of radioactive particles – a prediction since supported by clinical trials in Russia among victims of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. The subjects in one trial of those who experienced radiation fallout included fourteen men from the Kaluga region and, according to three measures, body levels of radio nuclides reduced as much as eightfold. Another trial, in which the subjects were fourteen children living in Bryansk, directly in the path of leakage from the reactor, gave equally remarkable results. This led a radiation safety expert to point out that after industrial or environmental accidents, when it is crucial that treatment be simple, economic and quickly administered, the Hubbard detoxification procedure is one of the very few methods that meets these criteria.

These and other similarly impressive studies validate the workability of the Purification Rundown, a workability that people on every continent of Earth have experienced subjectively. They know on a deeply personal level that Mr. Hubbard’s program is the solution to the blight of drugs. Many who have completed the program report that, along with eradicating any craving for drugs, they can see or hear better than before, they can study for the first time, they are able to learn new subjects much more easily, get along better with people, appreciate what is going on around them and generally feel healthier and happier.

The entire program is explained in detail in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind">Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program, including the discoveries which led to its development and an exact description of how and why it works. One can read this book and then, by following the procedures detailed in the text, administer the Purification program to himself to detoxify his own body, and join the more than 250,000 others who have freed themselves from the biochemical devastation caused by drugs and toxic substances.


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