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On the Purification program, running is done to get the blood circulating deeper into the tissues where toxic residuals are lodged and thus act to loosen and release the accumulated harmful deposits and get them moving.

Very important, then, is that the running is immediately followed by sweating in the sauna to flush out the accumulations which have now been dislodged.

Validation by Independent Studies

After the release of the program in 1980, news of L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough reached medical circles and the scientific community. Since then, numerous studies of his detoxification method have been undertaken, each validating the tremendous workability of the program.

Important studies over the past two decades provide repeated evidence of the program’s efficacy in eliminating toxins from the body.

In Michigan, the accidental contamination of cattle with a toxic fire retardant resulted in 97 percent of the state’s population with detectable amounts of the retardant in their fatty tissues a full five years later. A group of Michigan residents, who had been monitored since the initial contamination, was told by doctors that the toxins were there to stay. Then, in 1982, a group of these subjects was put through the Purification program. Biopsies of fatty tissue before and after showed a decrease of the fire retardant and other toxins of over 20 percent. A follow-up examination four months later proved even more significant: levels of toxins continued to decrease after the program had been completed and showed an average decrease of over 40 percent of the toxins.

Similarly, in 1983, independent researchers conducted tests on a woman who had done the Purification program after having been heavily exposed to industrial contaminants while on the job. A urine test done at the beginning of the program showed high levels of mercury and lead in the woman’s body. During the program, she secreted a black substance through the pores of her skin as chemicals were flushed out of her body. The study noted, “Removal of the toxic substances from her system was accompanied by remission of her subjective complaints as well. She no longer felt the extreme tiredness, malaise and lethargy she had been experiencing since her exposure.”


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