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The Dianetic Axioms


Axiom 9

A fundamental operation of THETA in surviving is bringing order into the chaos of the physical universe.

Axiom 10

THETA brings order into chaos by conquering whatever in MEST may be prosurvival and destroying whatever in MEST may be contrasurvival, at least through the medium of life organisms.

SYMBOL: The symbol for the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE in use hereafter is MEST, from the first letters of the words MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE and TIME, or the Greek letter PHI.

Axiom 11

A life organism is composed of matter and energy in space and time, animated by THETA.

SYMBOL: Living organism or organisms will hereafter be represented by the Greek letter LAMBDA.

Axiom 12

The MEST part of the organism follows the laws of the physical sciences. All LAMBDA is concerned with motion.

Axiom 13

THETA operating through LAMBDA converts the forces of the physical universe into forces to conquer the physical universe.

Axiom 14

THETA working upon physical universe motion must maintain a harmonious rate of motion.

The limits of LAMBDA are narrow, both as to thermal and mechanical motion.


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