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The Dianetic Axioms


Axiom 15

LAMBDA is the intermediate step in the conquest of the physical universe.

Axiom 16

The basic food of any organism consists of light and chemicals.

Organisms can exist only as higher levels of complexities because lower levels of converters exist.

THETA evolves organisms from lower to higher forms and supports them by the existence of lower converter forms.

Axiom 17

THETA, via LAMBDA, effects an evolution of MEST.

In this we have the waste products of organisms on the one hand as those very complex chemicals which bacteria make and, on the other hand, we have the physical face of the Earth being changed by animals and men, such changes as grass holding mountains from eroding or roots causing boulders to break, buildings being built and rivers being dammed. There is obviously an evolution in MEST in progress under the incursion of THETA.

Axiom 18

LAMBDA, even within a species, varies in its endowment of THETA.

Axiom 19

The effort of LAMBDA is toward survival.

The goal of LAMBDA is survival.

The penalty of failure to advance toward that goal is to succumb.

DEFINITION: Persistence is the ability to exert continuance of effort toward survival goals.


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