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L. Ron Hubbard


Also now broadly accepted and in invaluable use are Mr. Hubbard’s emergency assists, first announced in the 1950s. He provided the first delineation of how an injury affects the communication channels of the body – how a knowledge of nerve and energy flows can lead to truly lifesaving results through a restoration of communication to injured body parts. What followed from Mr. Hubbard’s assists technology was a revelation in healing, much of it fueling the later spiritual wellness movement in Western culture. Today, doctors, nurses, chiropractors and entire Red Cross disaster relief teams are aided daily by the widespread knowledge and use of assist technology in their ranks.

Mr. Hubbard’s influence in the healing arts can also be found in other, very different corners of medicine. His finding that much of what was characterized in psychiatric circles as “mental illness” had physical ailment at its root led, in many quarters, to a genuine metamorphosis in treatment models for unstable patients. When he voiced that finding in the early 1950s, it was utterly contrary to the conventional wisdom of his day, where inhumane “treatments” reminiscent of those found in medieval torture chambers were the rule; yet say it he did, and more than four decades later, the truth of his words is now gaining ground. As a very telling case in point, when dozens of Italian psychiatric asylums were closed by government order, scores of patients were taken to medical practitioners (whose services were priorly secured for that purpose) who found and treated bodily injuries and maladies which had contributed significantly to their anguish.


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