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Still, Mr. Hubbard also cautions: “No culture in the history of the world, save the thoroughly depraved and expiring ones, has failed to affirm the existence of a Supreme Being. It is an empirical observation that men without a strong and lasting faith in a Supreme Being are less capable, less ethical and less valuable to themselves and society. . . . A man without an abiding faith is, by observation alone, more of a thing than a man.”

As may be apparent, Scientology also differs from Judeo-Christian religions in its form of worship. This difference arises from the relationship the specific religion expects its members to form with the Supreme Being. In the case of Judeo-Christian religions, which mandate a particular relationship with an anthropomorphic God, prayer is a logical mode of expression and communion. But this is not appropriate for Scientologists, since Scientology does not impose such a specific relationship with the Supreme Being.

Auditing and training are the two central religious services of the Scientology faith. Through them, Scientologists are able to transcend this secular world, progress through ever-increasing levels of spiritual awareness, and develop a relationship with the Supreme Being that is meaningful and true for them.

But, it is important to bear in mind that Scientology is not at all just a set of spiritual beliefs divorced from the world in which we live. Scientology provides a guide for individuals to cast their spiritual values into action. Thus, as Scientologists become fully responsible for all eight of their dynamics, they actively work to improve the quality of all life and to make this a better world for everyone.


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