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As shown within this site, they work to free drug addicts of their vices, to rehabilitate criminals, to bring literacy to the disadvantaged, to introduce a moral code to all sectors of society, to protect the weak, to fight injustice and prejudice, to promote human rights, and to participate in many charitable activities.

Scientology unquestionably is thus a holistic religion embracing all aspects of a person’s life. Scientologists live their religion and apply its principles and ethical precepts in their relationships with family, friends, co-workers, community and environment, up through all eight dynamics to, and including, the Supreme Being. And in doing so, they follow a code of ethical conduct that is without rival in this day and age.

Thus, while auditing is a purely religious service, the benefits obtained from it pervade all planes of existence. These benefits include tangible benefits such as improved family life and relationships, good health and prosperity, as well as the primary benefits that are wholly spiritual – increased spiritual awareness and abilities, knowledge of the Supreme Being and the ultimate attainment of spiritual freedom.

It is for all these reasons – along with the belief of millions of adherents – that Scientology is indeed a religion. And although its doctrines and rites are not identical to any other religion, it would be well to remember that unlike these religions, Scientology was born in the twentieth century and is a religion of its times.


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