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According to Scientology scripture, the experiences of the thetan are recorded on what is called a “time track,” which consists of the mental image picture recordings of all perceptions of the past, much like a movie film. Thus, the time track records experiences of the thetan’s current life as well as his experiences in all prior lives.

In addition to moments of pleasure, the time track also records moments of pain and other trauma which thereafter remain hidden from conscious view. It is these recorded, painful experiences that entrap the thetan. When the thetan is reminded of such traumatic past incidents, the relevant portions of the time track can reactivate and exert an involuntary influence on the thetan and the body. These may cause the thetan to experience pain or negative emotions or even to act irrationally.

This plight need not be permanent, however. Scientology offers humanity freedom from this needless suffering, both now and for all future time. By following the path outlined in the scripture of the Scientology religion, the thetan can progress through higher and higher levels of spiritual awareness and return to his native state and thereby achieve complete spiritual freedom. Now, in this lifetime complete spiritual freedom can be achieved.

The primary path to this spiritual freedom is through “auditing,” one of the two central religious practices of the Scientology theology. With this freedom comes release from the eternal cycle of birth and death and full awareness, memory and ability independent of the flesh. And with it comes a spiritual being who is “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”


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