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It should not be hard to see why Scientology so often is compared to Eastern religions. Many point to Scientology’s ascending levels of spiritual awareness and self-searching path to enlightened understanding as similar to Buddhism’s path to knowledge and strict practices of meditation and right living, and to the step-like levels of spiritual understanding of the Vedic “revealed knowledge” or the “way of knowledge” expounded by many of the schools of Hinduism. Others believe the Buddhist and Hindu goals of complete liberation from samsara, their view of the endless cycle of rebirth, may not be unlike reaching Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual awareness. However, this is not the case.

Scientology is its own religion, and an absolute comparison between it and any other religion is impossible. There are significant differences between Scientology and other religions, including those of the East.

One very important distinction between Scientology and the religions of the East concerns their notion of the Supreme Being. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. Buddhists do not believe in a Supreme Being in any form.

As many religious scholars note, Scientology in this respect is more like Western religions and shares their view that places the Supreme Being at the pinnacle of the cosmos. And it is the clarity with which Scientologists view this entire cosmos that enables them to create a vital and vibrant spiritual life on this earth.


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