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In addition to ruling favorably on tax exemption, the IRS rulings made all donations to all United States churches of Scientology deductible against personal income taxes to the full extent permitted by law.

The decision had international repercussions. Though hundreds and hundreds of courts around the world had already recognized Scientology as a bona fide religion, there could no longer be even a trace of doubt as to that religiosity. The flag of victory planted on American soil served as a guidon to the many other nations where Scientology had been established.

Almost immediately the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, a long-time adversary in Europe, also fully recognized Scientology as a religion and agreed to purge all false information about the Church contained in its files internationally.

With Scientology now moved firmly into the mainstream, Church management was able to devote its attention fully to creating further growth and expansion for the religion in 1994. And it was thus appropriate that the early months of that year saw the full renovation and expansion of the Church’s Advanced Organization in Sydney, Australia.


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