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Flag Management Is Formed

In the interest of further expansion, L. Ron Hubbard developed a completely new system of management and established the Flag Bureaux aboard the Apollo in 1970 to carry out this function for all of Scientology. To relay and implement the Flag Bureaux’s orders, liaison offices were opened in Los Angeles for the United States, Saint Hill for the United Kingdom and in Copenhagen for Europe.

In April 1970, Mr. Hubbard invited executives from all churches to attend his Flag Executive Briefing Course on the flagship Apollo. The end result placed true administrative experts in all local churches. And with the later publication of the Organization Executive Course and Management Series volumes, all policy was now readily available to the 2,553 staff of the 118 churches and missions in 20 nations.

As of early 1971, 250 professional auditors had joined the Los Angeles Auditors Association to deliver the newly expanded Scientology lower grades. Later this same year, Mr. Hubbard released three new auditing rundowns: L10, L11 (the New Life Rundown) and L12 (the Flag OT Executive Rundown). These rundowns were delivered only by the first, specially trained Class XII Auditors aboard the Apollo. At the same time, fellow auditors were busy at newly formed churches in Las Vegas, Nevada; Pretoria, South Africa; Göteborg and Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Munich, Germany; Plymouth, England; Buffalo, New York; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Employing new technical releases containing refinements of study techniques to greatly speed students through their courses, 1972 saw Scientology increase in size under Sea Organization guidance. All told, these breakthroughs helped push the number of Clears to the 4,000 mark by early 1974, while future Clears stepped onto the Bridge at newly opened Scientology churches in Sacramento, California; Ottawa, Ontario; Manchester, England; Mälmo, Sweden; Vancouver, British Columbia; Portland, Oregon; and Vienna, Austria.

After months of research and compilation, the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary was completed in early 1975. This long-awaited work defined all Dianetics and Scientology words and abbreviations used in connection with auditing and training, and thus greatly aided study.


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