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The First Class VIII Auditors

To ensure that each and every organization offered orthodox auditing services, Mr. Hubbard launched a new advanced training course in September 1968 to emphasize standard technical application. This was the Class VIII Auditor Course conducted aboard the Apollo and attended by top auditors from churches around the world.

With the release in 1969 of the Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course to simplify and standardize Dianetics procedures, and the earlier arrival of the first Class VIII graduates to ensure the standard application of all auditing, Scientology course rooms were soon packed, from New York to New South Wales. As more and more students continued up the Bridge, a third Advanced Organization and Saint Hill was opened in Denmark.

“By rehabilitating the artist,” Mr. Hubbard had said, “one does much for rehabilitating the culture.” With this incentive, the first Scientology Celebrity Centre was established in 1969. Aimed at assisting the now numerous artists and celebrities who had found Scientology technology indispensable to their creative well-being, the course rooms of the Los Angeles Celebrity Centre were soon also filled with students. In addition to regular Scientology services, Celebrity Centre provided a forum for poets, playwrights, actors, painters and musicians – all part of the effort to help revitalize the arts.

Meanwhile, by August 1970, as demand for advanced levels continued to increase, the Edinburgh Advanced Organization was forced to move to larger quarters at Saint Hill.


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