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The president of Olympian International (and a world-renowned trainer and sports physician) helped get copies of The Way to Happiness to many Olympic athletes, explaining: “It’s a wonderful way to educate the people on the harmful effects of drugs and to build their self-esteem for better understanding right and wrong by using their common sense.”

After reading his special edition copy of the book, the United Nations ambassador from Slovakia stated: “While reading it I found it one of the most moving and touching ways to speak about life and the horrible senselessness of the war. My suggestion would be to print as many copies of the book as possible in all languages and distribute it to the widest groups of people all over the world.”

And, in Austria, a government minister said: “After reading about your international campaign based on tolerance, trust and understanding I must say that the values expressed in your activities should be the basis of human life on this Earth.”


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