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A Better Life for Millions

The Way to Happiness Foundation, based in Los Angeles, was organized to meet the grass-roots demand for The Way to Happiness and to provide copies to the many millions interested in improving moral standards. By promoting the booklet’s distribution and use, The Way to Happiness Foundation is changing the lives of the many people reached by it — and thereby improving conditions in communities around the world.

The booklet enjoys widespread popularity because it effectively reestablishes moral values wherever its message is heard and used. It has received more than a dozen US Congressional recognitions and has been enthusiastically endorsed by police, civic leaders, businessmen, educators and other groups who have distributed it broadly. Hundreds of groups and officials have used the booklet to bring about greater harmony in their communities. In recent years the booklet has enjoyed even greater exposure through a series of public service announcements that have aired on more than two hundred television stations in the United States and internationally through the Entertainment and Sports Programing Network.

The Way to Happiness Public Service campaign is popular, not only with the general public — over 23,000 of whom have called The Way to Happiness Foundation for more information on its programs — but also with the PSA directors of the TV stations themselves. One such programing executive, after having seen the ads, said that this material on morals was mandatory to air, as people had to pay attention to it. Another PSA director at a TV station after seeing the ads ordered booklets to distribute to family and colleagues.


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