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Beneath the many differences of national, political, racial, religious or other hue, each of us as individuals must make our way through life. Such a way, The Way to Happiness teaches, can be made better if the precepts it presents are known and followed, and if one gets others to know and follow them as well.

Life in an immoral society can be much worse than simply difficult. One’s own survival is constantly under threat as even the most basic human values are held up to ridicule. To counter such declining moral trends, The Way to Happiness contains twenty-one separate precepts — each constituting a rule for living — and has relevance for anyone. “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment” it advises. “Be Worthy of Trust.” “Fulfill Your Obligations.” These and the other precepts are fully explained with examples of how each should be applied in one’s life and how one can make it known by others. Regardless of the course of any person’s life, the precepts can be likened to the edges of the road: Violating them, one is like the motorist who suddenly swerves off the highway — the result can be wreckage of the moment, the relationship, the life. Abiding by the precepts gives one a chance to attain true and lasting happiness.

Loudly applauded by community and civic groups around the world, The Way to Happiness rapidly spread across the planet. Soon, The Way to Happiness booklets were being passed out by hand on city streets, offered by local businesses and banks and even in classrooms and hotel rooms. To date, copies of the booklet have been passed out to more than 50 million people in more than sixty countries and translated into twenty-two languages.


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