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Since 1975, Education Alive has introduced more than 2 million African students such as these from Zimbabwe to L. Ron Hubbard's study technology.

Teacher Training Programs

An additional and highly important aspect of Applied Scholastics is its programs which train teachers to apply study technology. These activities, conducted throughout the world, supply teaching skills based on Mr. Hubbard’s methods and rekindle the enthusiasm for learning which good teachers so frequently bring to their classrooms.

In consequence, today teachers throughout the world are giving new meaning to their endeavors. Education Alive, the Applied Scholastics affiliate which utilizes L. Ron Hubbard’s study technology in educational programs in South Africa and other parts of the African continent, was established in 1975, and since then more than two million students have been introduced to study tech through seminars and workshops. Greatly aiding in improving the then–deplorable educational standards for blacks in that nation, Education Alive has also trained literally tens of thousands of teachers since its inception. In one teachers’ college, the dropout rate for teacher trainees fell dramatically to only 2 percent after Education Alive implemented a program there.

Such results bring to life what Mr. Hubbard hoped for some three decades ago. Following his visit to South Africa in the early 1960s, he predicted massive social upheavals and a severe rift between black and white communities. To avert potential disaster, he advised measures and provided the technology that would enable the country’s large black population to become literate.


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