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“Without equivocation, of all the social agencies with which I have had contact over the past two years, Narconon is the one to which I turn when all other possibilities have vanished. It is staffed with youthful, outgoing, knowledgeable and dedicated men and women who can communicate properly with their ’clients.’ Let me offer my highest possible commendation: that this is the number one social agency serving the community in the reduction of crime and drug abuse.”

An official with the Canadian Penitentiary Service wrote:

“The Narconon program is the only program I have observed to produce quick and stable results in assisting addicts to give up their dependency on drugs. I have been employed in Corrections since 1964 and have had the opportunity to participate in and observe varied treatment programs for addicts, but this is the first program that I have observed to achieve what it claims to achieve.”

A former Los Angeles public health official who witnessed results in the early years of Narconon’s residential program said this:


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