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“It is one of the few programs which has enabled drug/alcohol abusers to evolve a rational, humanistic approach to social and personal tensions. Narconon has proven its success inside institutions and on the streets. It is well staffed and well organized; people associated with its programs are dedicated and cooperative. I therefore highly recommend Narconon.”

The most extraordinary example of Narconon methodology becoming a major force for rehabilitation inside institutions is the program at Ensenada State Prison in Baja, Mexico. (This began as a pilot project with volunteers administering the full Criminon criminal reform program, incorporating the Narconon drug rehabilitation method, to a number of inmates.) The crisis of daily heroin use inside the prison had been estimated by prison officials at 80 percent. But with the introduction of these programs, literally hundreds of inmates have been brought through drug-free physical withdrawal and gone on to cleanse their bodies of drug residuals and to study the Narconon course, many of them learning to read in the process. The staff of the program are now almost entirely inmates who have themselves recovered from drug addiction and then trained on the Narconon method inside the prison. One prison official estimated that heroin use has dropped 80 percent from its former use level since the Narconon program was introduced. And justice officials outside the prison in Ensenada reported that the crime rate in the whole city has significantly dropped. Thus, Narconon has returned to the social environment in which it was founded three decades ago to continue to rescue prisoners from drug-induced oblivion.

The head of a Russian delegation from the Ministry of the Interior, which seeks solutions to the drug problem in Russia, concluded after his study of several Narconon facilities:

“The only place in the world where I have seen with my own eyes drug addicts fully cured from heroin and cocaine is Narconon. This technology is not only taking the person off the addiction, it also...keeps them cured and ethical and in a high moral state.

”...I see these methods as the future hope for all those unfortunate addicts in Russia and the other republics.”


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